2016 Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel meeting

Information about the 2016 meeting of the Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel – an independent group of experts who meet to assess proposed improvements to the Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Papers considered

Three papers were presented to the panel for consideration: 

  • Uncertainty of Agricultural Soils emissions
  • New emission factors for nitrous oxide from farm dairy effluent (FDE) and urea 
  • Revised equations for calculating methane from sheep


The panel agreed to the recommendation that the method outlined in the manuscript by Kelliher, Henderson, and Cox (2016) be used to estimate emissions uncertainty from agricultural soils.

The panel wanted MPI to clarify the best emission factor estimates for FDE and urea, and recommended that these values (once clarified) be adopted and used in the inventory.

The Panel agreed to the new sheep methane equations being included in the inventory.

2016 panel meeting minutes and recommendations

2016 summary papers and technical reports

Uncertainty of nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils 

New emission factors for farm dairy effluent and urea

Revised equations for calculating methane from sheep

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