Can I bring or post it to New Zealand?

This tool will help you learn what you can and can't bring to New Zealand. It has information on the items we're most frequently asked about – food, drinks, sports and outdoor equipment, and animal and plant products.

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About this tool

We've developed this tool to help you get some quick answers to what you can bring or post to New Zealand. We don't have everything listed in the tool but it covers the food and other items we most frequently get asked about. The tool will also tell you whether there are any weight or quantity restrictions.

It applies only to private consignments (goods or items for personal use). Remember, all risk items brought into New Zealand need to be declared on your Passenger Arrival Card or postal declaration documents for mail.

Information in the tool is only a general guide. On arrival, your risk item may be inspected by a quarantine officer. This may cause delays when travelling through an airport, especially during the summer and peak flight times. The officer makes the final decision about whether your item is allowed into New Zealand. If you're in any doubt, our advice is to leave risk items at home or not post them.

Legal stuff

Information in this tool is no guarantee your goods will be given clearance. That's because:

  • import requirements and restrictions can change, sometimes quickly
  • most risk items have to be inspected on arrival.

Biosecurity New Zealand disclaims all responsibility for any error or other issues with this information. We are not liable if you choose to rely on the information in the tool, which is only a guide about private consignments.

Check our importing section to find out about commercial consignments

Chinese version

A smaller version of this tool with selected goods is available in Chinese.

我可以把它帶進或郵寄到紐西蘭嗎? (What can I bring or post to New Zealand?)

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