Veterinary medicine documents, including registering veterinary medicine

Use these forms, templates, and guidelines to register veterinary medicines, and for other veterinary medicine-related requests under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997.

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Register a new trade name product

Application forms and guidance to register a new product or renew registration.

General registration forms and guidelines

Chemistry and manufacturing
Data assessment
Data protection
Equivalence and cross-reference
Target animal safety

Registration renewal

Get a provisional registration or research approval

Application forms and guidance.

Vary an existing registration

Forms to vary your registration.

Non-registration documents

Includes operating plans, class determinations, special circumstances approvals.

Adverse event reporting

Antimicrobial resistance

Class determination and exempt products

Data assessor information and templates


Import declaration forms

Manufacturing, sale, and use

Maximum residue levels (MRLs)

Notices under the ACVM Act

Operating plans

Risk management

Special circumstances approvals


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