Choosing and using veterinary medicines

How to choose a veterinary medicine, use medicines with food-producing animals, check conditions of use, and report a problem.

For animal owners and the general public

Veterinarians should read our ACVM guidance for veterinarians

Choosing a veterinary medicine

Only those veterinary medicines that are not restricted (often referred to as "over the counter") are available for the general public. When choosing an over-the-counter veterinary medicine, look for one with a label recommendation that fits the situation for your animal. If you cannot find one, talk to your veterinarian or another suitable professional.

Animals used for food and veterinary medicines

Before using a vet medicine in a food-producing animal, check:

Conditions of use for veterinary medicines

Registered veterinary medicines all have conditions placed on their registration to manage risks. To find the conditions for a particular product, check the ACVM product register.

Search ACVM register for conditions of use of a veterinary medicine

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When something goes wrong (adverse event) with a veterinary medicine

Let us know if anything goes wrong (an adverse event) when using a registered vet medicine.

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