Research, testing, and teaching organisations (RTTOs)

Find out what you need to do if your organisation regularly carries out research, testing, or teaching with agricultural compounds or veterinary medicines (ACVMs).

Authorisation to use ACVMs

If your organisation regularly researches, tests, or teaches with ACVMs, you can get authorisation through either:

  • approval of an operating plan (a document that describes the types of activities that you'll be carrying out, and how you'll control them), or
  • individual authorisations for every ACVM product you use. 

Your organisation may need an approved operating plan for ACVMs if:

  • you are using ACVMs under the regulatory exemption for research, testing, or teaching
  • non-veterinarians in your organisation use, buy or dispense veterinary medicines.

Guideline: Operating plan for agricultural compounds used in RTT [PDF, 157 KB]

Get an operating plan approved

A template is available to help you develop your operating plan. 

Send your operating plan and a completed application form to the address on the form for MPI approval. 

Tell us if anything goes wrong

Let us know if you have an adverse event when using an agricultural compound such as:

  • side effects
  • animal safety issues
  • not working
  • interaction with other products.
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