VICH: the international programme to harmonise requirements for the registration of veterinary products

Find out about VICH, an international programme to harmonise registration of veterinary products.

What is VICH?

VICH is a programme between the EU, Japan, and the USA. It aims to harmonise technical requirements for veterinary product registration by producing guidelines on how studies should be done for registration applications. 

VICH also provides an outreach forum for countries that aren't part of the VICH steering committee. 

Australia and New Zealand both have an observer role on the VICH steering committee. The ANZ (Australia New Zealand) VICH Management Group coordinates our activities as observers.

New Zealand VICH representatives 

New Zealand is represented on the VICH steering committee by 2 delegates – one from government and one from industry. They're currently from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Agcarm.

Government and industry representatives from observer countries also participate in expert working groups, where they have full voting rights. Observers don't have voting rights in the VICH steering committee itself, although they do discuss issues there.

Observer countries don't have to adopt VICH guidelines.

ANZ VICH management group

Industry representatives (and number of seats):

  • Chair (also the VICH industry representative)
  • Animal Health Alliance (1) – Australia (also secretariat)
  • Agcarm (1) – New Zealand
  • ARPPA (1) – New Zealand
  • VMDA (1) – Australia

Regulatory authority representatives (and number of seats):

  • Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (1) – Australia
  • MPI (1) – New Zealand
  • Environmental Protection Authority (1) – New Zealand

The management group meets twice a year.

Role of ANZ VICH

  • Allows industry and government input into VICH processes.
  • Promotes harmonisation of Australian and New Zealand requirements for animal health products in line with VICH and international standards.
  • Provides advice to the Australian and New Zealand Registration Management Committee.
  • Advises industry and government on international harmonisation of requirements for animal health products.
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