A typical detector dog's day

MPI's detector dogs get plenty of exercise every day. Find out how detector dogs live and work.

The day starts with a run

Detector dogs live in their own dog kennel. They start their day with a run and socialising with other dogs for 15 to 20 minutes.

They then travel with their dog handler to their worksite, which can be an airport, mail centre, a cargo or cruise ship.

Down to business

A biosecurity dog sniffing luggage on an aiport baggage claim conveyor
Detector dogs sniff out risk goods in luggage.

When a flight lands at the airport, the dogs will work among the passengers and their luggage. Each dog only works for about 30 minutes in an hour. When a dog gets tired, they rest until the next flight, and another dog takes over.

During the day, dogs are allowed time to exercise and play with other dogs outside.

Time off at the kennel

At the end of the shift, dogs go back to their kennel, exercise again, have dinner, and a big long sleep.

The dogs have 4 days off every week, when they go for bush walks, swims, and play with other dogs. They are looked after by 3 full-time kennel assistants.

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