Registers and lists for dairy exports

Registers and lists of people, operators, and businesses associated with exporting dairy products.

Animal products country listing – including Dairy

Approved recognised agencies – dairy laboratories

Authorised persons designated to sign MPI dairy export certificates

Certification bodies and certified herd testers

Dairy maintenance compounds approved & recognised [XLSX, 1 MB]

Dairy specialists and farm assessors

Devices register

Glossary of terms for dairy

Industry associations

MPI Register of Alternative Premises and Equipment Designs for Farm Dairies [XLS, 49 KB]

Organic exporters

Product descriptions and qualifiers [XLSX, 101 KB]

Quota compliance programmes

Recognised agencies – dairy

Recognised persons – dairy products

Registered exporters – animal products, including dairy

Regulated control scheme (raw milk) - Depot operators

Regulated control scheme (raw milk) - Farm dairy operators

Regulated control scheme - Transport service operators and vehicle docking facility operators

Risk management programmes

Unique location identifiers

Veterinary authorised persons designated to sign MPI dairy export certificates

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