Introduction to food safety requirements for transport operators

If you transport food products there are food safety requirements you need to meet. These depend on the product, where it's going to be sold, and what you're doing with it.

Transport operator requirements

If you're a transport operator, the food safety requirements you must meet depend on whether you transport food products – including animal products – for:

  • export, or
  • the domestic (New Zealand) market.

Use our online tool to help you manage your food risks

Our online tool "Which way?" will help you work out what you need to do to keep food you're transporting safe.

Which way? Find a food safety plan if you're a food transporter

Animal products for export

If you transport animal products intended for human or animal consumption and export with an official assurance (export certificate), you must operate under either a:

  • risk management programme (RMP), or
  • regulated control scheme (RCS).

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Food for the domestic market

If you transport food or food-related products for consumption in New Zealand, you need to comply with either the:

  • Food Act 2014, or
  • Animal Products Act 1999, under a risk management programme.

Our "My Food Rules" tool can help you work out which Act applies to you.

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