Risk management programmes for transport operators

If you transport animal products, including dairy, for export you can operate under a risk management programme (RMP) instead of a regulated control scheme. Find out how to develop and register an RMP.

Two ways to develop an RMP

If you decide to operate under an RMP for transporting animal products for export, then the way you develop your RMP differs depending on whether you already operate under an RMP for processing.

Adding transport activities to an existing RMP

If you are an operator of a processing premises already operating under a registered RMP, you can extend the RMP to cover transport using the template. This applies only if the products you process don't require temperature control. If you transport other operator’s goods then you need to have a written agreement between you regarding whose products you transport. Refer to appendix 1 of the template for more information.

Download the template for adding transport to an existing RMP for processing premises [DOC, 303 KB]

Developing a new RMP

If you don't have a registered RMP, you'll need to develop one and get it registered.

Alternatively, you can operate under the Transport Regulated Control Scheme (RCS).

Find out more about RCS for transport operators

RMPs for transporters of dairy products

If you transport dairy products, MPI has developed a template to help you prepare your RMP.

Download the RMP template for transport of animal material and animal products [PDF, 575 KB]

Guidance Document: How to user the RMP or RCS template [PDF, 2.8 MB]

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