Fees and charges for exporting honey and bee products

You'll be charged for services provided by MPI and other service providers when you're exporting honey or bee products.

What our fees cover

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) calculates fees on a cost-recovery basis. Activities and services we charge for include:

  • registering as an exporter
  • negotiating access to overseas markets
  • registering or administering a risk management plan (RMP)
  • accessing the electronic certification (E-cert) system.

Not all the fees on this page may apply to you and there could be other charges not listed here.

Registering as an exporter

Activity typeCharge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST)
Annual exporter registration fee $135 $155.25

Levy for processors of honey or bee products

If you're processing honey or bee products for export, MPI will charge you a yearly levy for:

  • developing requirements and standards for the honey and bee product industry
  • negotiating access to export markets
  • monitoring residues under the bee products regulated control scheme (RCS).

Read more about the RCS

Levy for processorsFee (excl GST)Fee (incl GST)
Yearly levy for processors of honey and bee products for export $1,005.70 $1,156.56

Official assurance

If there is an overseas market access requirement for the country you're exporting to, you'll likely need an official assurance, or export certificate, before you can send your product.

Activity typeCharge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST) 
Issue of an official assurance  $33.75, plus an hourly rate of $135 after the first 15 minutes  $38.81, plus an hourly rate of $155.25 after the first 15 minutes 
Reissue of an official assurance if replacement demanded by an importing country  $405, plus an hourly rate of $135 after 3 hours of assessment, plus disbursements at cost $465.75, plus an hourly rate of $155.25 after 3 hours of assessment, plus disbursements at cost

Access to the E-cert system

MPI uses an online web application called E-cert to issue official assurances and approve consignments for export. E-cert tracks products from the time they're produced until they're exported.

Exporters are charged to use E-cert.

Use of E-cert system Charge type Charge
Use of electronic certification system  Charge for each unit of activity  See formula in the Animal Products (Fees, Charges, and Levies) Regulations 2007 – NZ Legislation website

Risk management programme charges

To get an official assurance for honey or bee products for export, producers or processors must have a registered risk management programme (RMP). You'll need to pay MPI to register or amend your RMP.

Activity type Charge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST) 
Application for registration of an RMP  $135 $155.25
Amendment to an RMP  $67.50 $77.63 

Verification services

You will have to pay MPI or another verification provider for services, including inspecting and auditing your risk management programme, each year.

More information about verification charges is on the New Zealand Legislation website:

Other charges

Statement of a New Zealand standard

MPI can provide a statement confirming your product has met relevant requirements under the Animal Products Act. We will charge you for this service.

Activity typeCharge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST)
Issue of statement of a New Zealand standard $32 $36.80

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Who to contact

If you have questions about exporting honey and bee products, email exporterhelp@mpi.govt.nz


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