Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Committee

The Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Committee (BMAC) provided independent advice to the Minister for Biosecurity on the performance of the biosecurity system. The Committee was disestablished in December 2018.

About the committee

BMAC was set up in 2005 to provide high-quality, independent advice to the Minister for Primary Industries on the performance of New Zealand's biosecurity system.

The committee advised the Minister on a number of issues, including:

  • ensuring the biosecurity system supports and protects environmental and human health, social and cultural interests, and growth, innovation and sustainability across primary industries
  • opportunities to improve the biosecurity system, especially using a whole-of-system approach to policies and regulations
  • efficiency, cost-effectiveness and capability of the biosecurity system
  • future trends, risks and issues that may impact on the performance of the biosecurity system.

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In 2018, BMAC developed a final report highlighting the key areas that BMAC see as being foundational to ensure an effective biosecurity system. The Biosecurity 2025 project is taking these ideas forward.

BMAC – Future proofing New Zealand’s Biosecurity System [PDF, 381 KB]

In 2015, BMAC released a "horizon scan" report identifying key issues and challenges for biosecurity over the coming decade. This report contributed to early thinking for the Biosecurity 2025 project.

Read the Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Committee Horizon scan report [PDF, 315 KB]

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