Wool Industry Project Action Group

Find out about the Wool Industry Project Action Group, its members, and work.

A catalyst for change in the wool sector

The Wool Industry Project Action Group was formed out of the 2018 Wool Summit and the subsequent work of the Wool Industry Working Group. The purpose of the group was to be a catalyst for change in the New Zealand wool sector with a particular focus on strong wool.

Group members

Work of the wool action group

In June 2020, the group presented the Minister of Agriculture with a report summarising its findings.

The group’s report – Vision and action for New Zealand’s wool sector – contained 3 key recommendations to lift the performance of the strong wool sector.

  1. Develop a market-focused investment case and strategic roadmap for the strong wool sector.
  2. Establish the capability necessary to get the sector match fit and ready for the opportunities ahead.
  3. Establish a governance and coordination capability.

Vision and action for New Zealand’s wool sector [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Putting the recommendations into action

In July 2020, the Minister of Agriculture released the group’s report and challenged the wool sector to partner with government in putting the recommendations of the group into action.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is now working with the wool sector to progress the next steps.

Members of the group

John Rodwell: Independent chair

Kate Acland: Strong wool farmer

Paul Alston: Chief executive officer, Cavalier Bremworth

Andy Cooper: Science impact leader, AgResearch

Grant Edwards: General manager, PGG Wrightson Wool

Paul Ensor: Fine wool farmer

Sandra Faulkner: Strong wool farmer

Gretchen Foster (meetings 1 and 2): International marketing manager, NZ Merino Company

Steve Williamson (meeting 3 onwards): General manager creative, NZ Merino Company and Studio ZQ

Peter Whiteman: Managing director, Segard Masurel (NZ) Ltd

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