Types of jobs at MPI

With 48 locations nationwide, MPI has specialist people working where they're needed – from our more visible teams at international airports and sea ports, to those in offices and laboratories.

Role profiles

MPI employs more than 3,000 staff and, given the broad scope of what we do, we offer a wide range of roles across our different locations. These include fishery, biosecurity, and food safety roles through to information technology (IT), human resources (HR), legal policy analysts, veterinarians, and scientists.

For a 'snapshot' of some of the careers on offer at MPI, read the role profiles, or watch one of our YouTube videos of staff in action.

Food safety and biosecurity

Scientists and veterinarians

MPI Verification Services (MPI VS) offers work opportunities in veterinary, general, and agricultural sciences. MPI VS provides a range of food safety, biosecurity verification, and certification services to support market access strategies and setting standards. MPI VS employs several hundred staff – about 270 of these are registered veterinarians.

Protection and response

Dog handlers

MPI's dog handlers work with detector dogs at New Zealand's ports of entry to find biosecurity risk items that aren't allowed into the country.

You can learn more about working with detector dogs by:

Compliance officers (fisheries)

One of the roles of compliance officers is to provide advice to the public about recreational fishing rules.

Voluntary honorary fishery officers

Honorary fishery officers help full-time fishery officers ensure recreational and non-commercial fishers are obeying the law.

Fishery observers

Fishery observers help us to manage our fisheries sustainably. They collect a range of information on board commercial fishing vessels including the fish being caught, working conditions, and fish biology.

Quarantine officers

Quarantine officers work to prevent harmful pests and diseases from entering New Zealand and monitor and manage the eradication of pests if they do get in. They lead New Zealand's biosecurity system at the front line – airports, ports, mail centres, and cargo facilities.

You can check in with our Careers Centre to see when our next quarantine officers intake will be.

Information technology (IT)

MPI's IT specialists work in a wide range of roles developing practical solutions for industry and the community. An example is the mobile smartphone app on current fishing rules and limits in local fishing areas:

Another example is FarmsOnLine – a one-stop-shop for accurate up-to-date contact details for rural properties in New Zealand. It gives MPI instant access to information so it can respond quickly to a biosecurity alert or natural disaster, minimising potential damage and costs.

Law and policy

Analytical and legal

MPI staff work and consult on behalf of the government on a wide range of trade and policy issues, both domestically and internationally.

MPI staff consult our trading partners and regulators on food safety standards and biosecurity measures to ensure that our export produce gets to market. Watch videos on YouTube about:

Growing and producing

Export market access and trade

Staff in MPI's market access team work on a variety of primary production, food safety, and biosecurity issues with our trading partners to assure that our products are safe and suitable. Learn more about growing New Zealand's exports and the work of market access and trade development:

Funding and programmes

MPI partners with industry to look for innovative ways to improve production through our Primary Growth Partnership Programme. One of our partners, Precision Seafood Harvesting programme, won the Supreme Award at the 2014 New Zealand Innovators Awards for a revolutionary design in commercial fishing technology.

Our analysts worked with a number of Māori land owners across the country to bring together smaller land blocks to build economic scale.

Read more about MPI's governance and organisational structure and growing our exports:


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